"Life Happens"

And not always in the ways we expect or desire. When life’s bumps & turns leave you feeling discouraged, despairing or desperate, counseling can help you work through your feelings, assess your options, discover your strengths and inner resources, and regain your perspective.

I have been a practicing therapist for 18 years, seeing children age 12 and up, adolescents, adults, couples & families. As a licensed professional counselor and a licensed alcohol & drug counselor, I would feel privileged to help you with whatever issues may be disrupting your peace of mind at present. You will find a comfortable, safe & non-judgmental environment in which to unpack and sort through the “baggage” that weighs you down.

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Married or not, no matter the make up of the couple, problems in communication, values differences, role performance and self-esteem, to name a few, are common. Understanding the prior programming and expectations that partners bring into the relationship can give each person insight into the needs and motives of the other, decreasing conflict and misunderstanding.

The issues that can negatively impact a person’s emotional health and functioning are as varied as the human race itself is. Sometimes people feel they are they are the only ones who experience certain emotions, or that their concerns are trivial, even silly. Neither is the case at all! If something is troubling you, life is too short to endure it alone and allow it to rob you of enjoying your life. Counseling allows you to share your concerns in a compassionate and confidential setting, to feel heard and understood, while working as a team with your therapist to find new ways of addressing those concerns. No matter what you’ve experienced, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

As our world has become more & more complex, so have the issues confronting individuals and families. Stress, anxiety & depression seem to be affecting more & more people of all ages and our “quick-fix” society fuels the idea that medicating negative feelings is desirable. New drugs of abuse seem to keep appearing, and their accessibility to adolescents—and even children—is terrifying. Substance abuse touches almost everyone on some level. Addressing these issues sooner, rather than later, is key to minimizing the negative impact on one’s life & to restoring well-being. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can work together to break the grip of substance abuse or addiction.

While some issues central to family relationships are constant from one generation to the next, families today also deal with a host of issues that families of the past never encountered. Higher rates of divorce, estrangement, absentee parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, blended families, gender identit issues and substance abuse impact families as never before. Families come in all shapes & sizes; whatever constitutes family to you is, indeed, your family and will be treated as such. Family therapy can provide understanding for existing family dynamics, help improve communication and conflict resolution skills and make the family unit stronger.